Bachata & Bosses

A bachata event for entrepreneurs.

Hey there! The last 1,5 year a lot of online entrepreneurs (mostly women) followed my bachata journey through Instagram, and the last months more and more entrepeneurs asked if I could organize something.

Dancing enriched my life in so many ways and really helped me grow as person and as an entrepreneur. To combine my coaching & bachata in one event sounds amazing! ?

For me they’re two very interesting worlds that have more in common than you might think.

Why are you reading this?

Well, I could really use your help! ?

These CEO lady’s are real leaders, so for them it will be a unique experience of surrender and following. Most of them never danced before. I want them to provide them with the best leaders that I know, so they can have the most unique bachata experience.

The question that I have for you:
Would you like to come to this event and be a leader during the workshop and the social afterwards?

The event starts at 19.00 but you will be needed from 20.15 until minimum 23.15. The party lasts until 23.59.

It’s for free and you will get three drinks and snacks from me.?

Kevin and I will give the worksop at 20.30 and from approximately 22.30 there is time to connect with each other and free dancing with DJ Abdeloo.

It’s an amazing nice mix of people. ?

I would love to see you there.

If you are up for it, please register to download the free ticket. If you know other leaders that would like to join, feel free to share the link of this page.